July 14, 2021

Do you know how love feels like?

As simple as that … but not that simple.

????????‍♀️We seek #love in every #person we meet, we seek love in every situation, in our #relationships with our partners, #parents, kids, #friends or strangers.

????We need to be seen so that we can feel the love. We need to be heard to feel that we are loved.

????We need relationships so that we can feel that we count, we are seen and loved.

????????But the reality is different. We only seek love as long as we are NOT able to give it or really feel it , in that uncoditional way. Because we DON’T even know how real love feels like.

???? In many #therapies I get to that point where #andromeda people don’t even know how love feels in our bodies: the touch, the #heart beat growing faster, our feets melting, our hands sweating or shaking, our WHOLE #body synchronizes with the #vibration of LOVE.

????????‍♀️We seek it, but we have no idea of how it feels.

❤️‍????And LOVE is the greateast #feeling that we are able to feel, the one that allows the flow of #creation to cross our #bodies, the #knowledge that comes through us impregnates our #physical body, #emotional body and #mental body.

❤️‍????LOVE is what we remember through time, through reincarneted lives. Love is the only feeling that #transcends everything.

‼️We don’t remember people or situations, we only remember HOW we felt.

So here are simple steps to manifest unconditional love, whether you ever felt it or not:
1️⃣ #remember it OR #download it from #God (you may ask a good #therapist to help you if you feel you can’t make it on your own)
2️⃣ #Visualize and manifest it through stories of your mind DAILY – this will help you manifest it in your life

Remember that unconditional love may come to you in many ways, try to dettach from the idea that love equals husband/partner.

✅Unconditional love is everywhere! In every human, every object or molecule that surrounds us.

❓Sooo – have you ever felt undeconditional love for someone or from someone?

Love u all,

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