Energy of the places

???? This is the place where the #magic happens. The place where I get connected with the higher spirits each time I have a #therapy or a #class with people.

This is also the place where almost all of my #prayers take place, while being at home and where I can connect the most with my higher self.

???????? My #belief is that all the things surrounding us, including home and #car and all the casual stuff – telephone, clothes, food, laptop – contribute with their energy on how we feel and how we vibrate.

✨ So, look around you…
❓What does your place say about you? ❓How does your car look – is it full o scratches, is it clean?
❓What do you feel when you eat – how do you treat your food?
❓How are your clothes – are they clean, what colors do you wear ?

????By the say, did you know that the colors of your clothes give to the outside world your inner vibe? If you wear #black???? – it means mistery and reflection ; if you wear #white???? – it means #communication and #openess ; if you wear #yellow???? – it means #power and #wisdom and so on.

And as a personal #recommendation , in order to fill your object with good vibes and #light , just put your #intention and ask #God to download #love and light into that object. And wait for a few #moments. You can do it daily or whenever you feel. It will change how that object ‘works’ for you.



>>If you are wondering why sometimes I write in English and other times in Romanian is just because I’m receiving this messages for you in these two languages. They come from above, from other dimensions.

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