Beauty is a state of being.

My #childhood #wounds ????

????????‍♀️While I was a child (in fact, until 25 years old aprox) I was told I wasn’t beautiful. This made me stay in background as much As I could. I focused on being smart and skillful.

????At about 26-27 yrs old I begun manifesting my #femininity conciously. And I had a shock during a couple of years. I felt that I could open any door, any discution and reach anyone I wanted using the way I looked.

???????? It was a shock because I didn’t know this feeling until then. I didn’t recongnise myself. But I managed to integrate it in my life and it became casual – to be seen #beautiful .

???? After this process, well… I faced another trauma. All my girl friends and family manifested some kind of unspoken envy. And men got scared – they found that I was ‘too much’.

???? I won’t go through this process deeply, but what I wanted to say is that beauty comes from inside. It’s not my hair or my body that are beautiful, but my vibe.

It is not something that I have and others don’t. Anyone can develop this vibe : the #unconditional #love for yourself and others.

Beauty is just a state of being.

And now, I am very aware that the only humans that can actualy stay close to me are the ones that understand this vibe that I am emanating.

????So I encourage you to BE #LOVE – to spread love through all your cells.


Beauty within

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