6 morning practices that I never skip

•Be grateful
Be grateful for what you are, what you have in your life. This will open up your energy for new opportunities.

•Do some breathing exercises
This always helps me center my attention to myself instead of all those tasks that are awaiting me. And my day starts with me, instead of having my focus on something external.

•Practice 10 minutes yoga
Since I started doing this as a daily routine,my life, my body, my mind changed. I usually do this for 20 minutes or so, but 10 minutes will do too. Focusing on myself helps me listen…my body, my mind, and my soul. And this is the start of everything.

•Set up your intention
Yes, I believe in the power of manifestation. And one intention that I never skip is that everything I do to be charged with Divine Love and Light. Since practicing this, my work, my relationships changed and I found a deeper level of inner peace.

Well, my plan is to get to meditate instead of sleeping. But untill then, I practice meditation in the morning and before going to sleep. This routine made me increase my power of manifesting…everything. It’s amazing!

•Read for 5 minutes at least
Reading is not a MUST to me, but it helps me open up more. I don’t read much, but I read the Bible or sirituality related books that always come with spontaneous messages

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