Day 1: opening the Portals In Egypt.

✨The weather forecast was not good for today, but our guide, @gendyredael , decided to visit the #Giza #Pyramids. As we got to the Pyramids of #Keops, I stopped for a few minutes, closed my eyes and asked for connection with Our Guides.

☀️I opened my eyes and found the sky in clear #blue. I looked at @4ev3r5un and he understood- the skies were opening for us, we got the message that the Portal opening is happening. I begun crying.

????The walk continued to the second pyramid of #Kephren where my connection AMPLIFIED. Reda, our guide, managed to obtain me a permit to climb a part of this pyramid all alone. I climbed the stairs up ???? to almost half of the pyramid. God talked to me through a lovely Pigeon ????. Everybody down was watching me, I know they expected me to do the #Sacred Work and come back safe.

????????We continued our walk to #Menkaure Pyramid, the wind was angrier. As we sat by the 3 smaller pyramids, Reda told me ???????? ‘go, you may climb it, but please be safe’. I jumped on the rocks, got to the top and closed my eyes. The wind started to intensify, the rain begun ????. I tried to contact My Guides and it suddently begun a real storm????. I did the Work for a few minutes and climbed down.

It seems that some spirits are scared to receive the #Light – The Sacred Work will continue tomorrow and we will keep u posted ????

Me and the Light Workers – sending you infinite love ????

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In lunile Noiembrie-Decembrie contribuim la Pacea interioara si Mondiala prin meditatie.
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