July 21, 2021

Choose to be Love

It is what we are seeking for. We are made of love, but forgot it . So, we have chosen to recreate it, each of us in a unique way.
… step by step. You keep on creating and remembering it.

… until you only emanate it through all your pores. Until you become such a great #light that lightens the deepest dark.

… you come to this point where you are so much love, that you forget how it feels the darkness, the resentments, the regrets.

… the #wounds and hurt become love and you feel them like a touch of love and light that raise you ????.

… you walk the streets and see #people as spheres of light and love, like circular globes that walk.

But, like Freddy said.. ‘too much love will kill you’. As people are not able to perceive, to receive or to stay in such a light.

People get burnt by too much light. And it’s the moment when they start to throw arrows of darkness towards you. But you don’t even feel them, as they are way too small for your light.

And when you are such manifested light, you can only look towards, following your path of #creation in the most amazing way.

There is only that feeling of flying towards the Center Point of the light … #God . And nothing else matters, as you are guided and protected… from anyone and anything.

You are loved ????
Choose to be THAT LIGHT. Choose to be THAT LOVE ????

#Love = #iubire in #romanian

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Despre Mine

Iubesc oamenii, copiii, muntele, animalele, creatia (in toate formele ei – pantofi, design, muzica, mancare, comunicare).

Imi place sa muncesc (@pantofica.ro & @time2sport.ro & @inspiria.ro), sa experimentez viata alaturi de oameni, sa merg pe munte (in alergare, alpinism, ski sau catarat), sa pictez, sa merg cu motorul, sa cant (uneori), sa gatesc (uneori), sa citesc, sa meditez si sa stau in natura.

Cu aceste activitati imi umplu zilele, adaug iubire si bucurie, iar pacea mi-a fost data ca bonus de Sus.

Alexandra Popescu

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