February 24, 2022

Day 2: Opening the portals in Egypt

Yesterday was also about #pyramids – #Sakkara & #Abusir

I’ll tell you the story about Sakkara, but before that, the most powerful place we’ve been is Abusir – a non-commercial portal with 1800 units measured EBF (Fundamental Benefic Energy). Some ruined pyramids took us in higher #dimensions using the #Sun #Portal ????
This place connected us and all the Light Workers that chosen to join us in this Sacred Journey through The #CrownChakra to high dimensional #energies – each of us as he/she was prepared to.

This was the first opening of the new Sirius Portals for Earth ascension from 33D to 144D.

We also had some oppositions, I felt them very strongly through my body and energy flow, also the others – some were sick – but the negociations are made in Higher Dimension, hope we’ll manage to turn everybody into Light.

Infinite love & light ????,


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Despre Mine

Iubesc oamenii, copiii, muntele, animalele, creatia (in toate formele ei – pantofi, design, muzica, mancare, comunicare).

Imi place sa muncesc (@pantofica.ro & @time2sport.ro & @inspiria.ro), sa experimentez viata alaturi de oameni, sa merg pe munte (in alergare, alpinism, ski sau catarat), sa pictez, sa merg cu motorul, sa cant (uneori), sa gatesc (uneori), sa citesc, sa meditez si sa stau in natura.

Cu aceste activitati imi umplu zilele, adaug iubire si bucurie, iar pacea mi-a fost data ca bonus de Sus.

Alexandra Popescu

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