July 17, 2021

Letting go of the old self

“Let your #soul be free. Believe in you inner #strength and follow your own #dreams .

This is the path that will leed you to unconditional love and #freedom of being.

Just let go the old patterns and anything or anybody who doesn’t fit in your #life anymore, let go of #people and situations that are no longer in resonance with your vibration.

Start again, #recreate a new future that suits you so much better. Let go of regrets, something amazing awaits you if you raise your eyes from the ground.

Be THAT light and #LOVE that your soul is, manifest it in this material world in the most amazing way.

????Recreate your life starting from the NEW YOU ????”


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Despre Mine

Iubesc oamenii, copiii, muntele, animalele, creatia (in toate formele ei – pantofi, design, muzica, mancare, comunicare).

Imi place sa muncesc (@pantofica.ro & @time2sport.ro & @inspiria.ro), sa experimentez viata alaturi de oameni, sa merg pe munte (in alergare, alpinism, ski sau catarat), sa pictez, sa merg cu motorul, sa cant (uneori), sa gatesc (uneori), sa citesc, sa meditez si sa stau in natura.

Cu aceste activitati imi umplu zilele, adaug iubire si bucurie, iar pacea mi-a fost data ca bonus de Sus.

Alexandra Popescu

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