August 18, 2021

Our journey back to light starts with the understanding of shadows.

????A while ago, I asked #God to help me see things in a deeper way. To see beneath people’s bodies and the objects surrounding us. And I really did insist on that.

I wanted to see with that divine intuition ????

… until one day when suddenly begun seeing. But it wasn’t as I expected at all ????????‍♀️

As I crossed the streets, I was seeing pain, suffering, frustration. Even the sun seemed to be darkened by people’s shadows. As much as I wanted, I couldn’t see anything but their shadows … and many of them big ones.

I remember one day when I saw someone’s darkest secret and got scared. I did not want to see that any more.

But there was no reverse of the situation, so I had to handle it. I decided to get detached and quit judgement. I begun loving #people for what they are HERE & NOW.

And so I understood that when we chose to incarnate in this material world, we chose to manifest density – which is shadow. We chose to came here to RECREATE the path from shadow to light in our unique way.

And this duality here on #Earth is only telling us that the shadow coexists with light.

And so I managed to see light in people. I managed to see their inner #sparkle ✨✨✨that is hidden under their shadow.

And realized once again that shadow cannot exist without light.


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Cu aceste activitati imi umplu zilele, adaug iubire si bucurie, iar pacea mi-a fost data ca bonus de Sus.

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