September 20, 2021

Remember the LOVE you already are

God does not hate.

God does not get upset.

God does not know evil, as we named it.

He is nothing else but pure love and we are all His beloved children. If we were to see God as the ocean, we would be like the waves. Every wave is special and has its unique way of expression, but in the end is nothing less but a part of the ocean. We are all pieces of this loving intelligence. We are all one and our mission is to remember that unconditionall love for everything that surrounds us: nature, people, objects, for those who hurt or attack us, for those who judge or reject us. We need to REMASTER the Supreme Love that we already are.

Whatever your life proves sometimes (pain, sorrow, grief), you can observe and use it as an opportunity to remember LOVE. Furthermore, you’ve created it in order to remember it.

Embrace it. Embrace yourself.

We are one.

We are love.

Love, A.

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Despre Mine

Iubesc oamenii, copiii, muntele, animalele, creatia (in toate formele ei – pantofi, design, muzica, mancare, comunicare).

Imi place sa muncesc ( & &, sa experimentez viata alaturi de oameni, sa merg pe munte (in alergare, alpinism, ski sau catarat), sa pictez, sa merg cu motorul, sa cant (uneori), sa gatesc (uneori), sa citesc, sa meditez si sa stau in natura.

Cu aceste activitati imi umplu zilele, adaug iubire si bucurie, iar pacea mi-a fost data ca bonus de Sus.

Alexandra Popescu

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