The healing process

Step 1: activate your will
You must develop your will, that inner strength that lifts you UP for healing and ascension.

Step 2: accept
You need to accept that you have things to heal or knowledge to gain in order to heal and ascend.

Step 3: find the source
For each wound you acknowledge, go and find the source: WHEN was that activated the first time?
There is no one responsible for you being hurt. It was already in you when the external situation caused you suffering.

Step 4: change the perspective
After finding the source, just find the benefit of that situation in your life. And transform the suffering into unconditional love. It is enough to change the way you feel about a person or situation in order to heal the wound it/he/she activated in you.

Step 5: Love heals everything
Continue manifesting Love. It heals everything. ????

Love, A.

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